Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
How do I get started?
Getting set up with Matomy Money is a very simple process. Read our Integration guide and you'll be earning in no time.
What kind of advertising solutions does your platform support?
We support both offer advertising (Offer wall) and In game advertising, that are available in a wide variety of formats, such as Video Widgets, “offer of the Day”, a variety of interactive Banners, etc. All formats are optimized with a variety of unique features tailored to increase conversion. All formats are available for instant implementation from within the Publisher’s dashboard. For more information about our In-game features click here.
How much does it cost to use the Matomy Money platform?
Absolutely nothing! Sign up and start earning without a single fee.
Do you provide international offer advertisements?
Yes. Matomy Money highly values international traffic. We pride ourselves on our diverse, multi-national advertising offer bank and our ability to target per region and country. With Matomy Money, you can be sure that your global audience will be served ads that appeal and motivate them on a local level.
Which payment methods does Matomy Money offer?
Matomy Money offers payment via wire transfer or PayPal.
In which currency will I receive my earnings?
We support US Dollars, Pound Sterling and the Euro.
Is there a minimum payout threshold?
Yes. There is a minimum amount you are required to earn before we issue payment. The amount varies depending on the payment method you choose to use: $25 for Paypal and $100 for wire transfer.
How often will Matomy Money pay me?
Matomy Money pays you on the first week of every month on a Net30 basis. The payment is upon advertiser approval, which means that Matomy will pay you for all transactions that were approved by the advertisers. Transactions that were denied will not be paid for.

It’s important to take in consideration that although most advertisers clear transactions on a Net30 basis, a small portion of advertisers clear transaction in longer tome frames of Net60 and Net90 basis. Therefore these approved transactions will take longer to be paid.

Each month, once you meet your minimum earning requirements, we automatically issue your payout according to the payment method you selected. In case you do not reach the minimum earning requirements the payment will be pushed to the next cycle.
Where can Matomy Money be implemented?
Matomy Money's solutions are based on standard iframe, so they can be integrated virtually anywhere. Our platform is compatible with all the social networks, big and small, MMOs and online games. In addition, we are also compatible with other online entertainment sites that offer video, music and mobile content, both subscription and non-subscription based.
How long will it take to integrate your platform into my business?
Integration of the Matomy Money advertising code is a very quick and easy process. Simply generate your code with the click of a button from our user interface, copy and paste it into your code and you can start targeting users with offers in minutes. No parse text or new interfaces required.
Can I customize the Matomy Money offer wall to my site's look and feel?
Yes. Matomy Money offers a variety of different offer page templates to choose from. However, if you have a special request, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
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How can I get my denied transactions?
You have an option to get a report of your denied transactions at the beginning of every month to your mail automatically, once you chose this option in your account details. Please note that most advertisers approve leads in NET30, and therefore this info will be available only then. For example, the October denials will be sent to you only in the beginning of December.
Users are informing me that they are not permitted to access the Matomy offer wall. What is the reason for this to happen?
Matomy runs an advanced Anti-fraud mechanism that detects fraud activity by multiple parameters. Once a user crosses a threshold of suspicious fraud activity he’s being banned from our offer wall.
Why does the offer wall show only a small amount of offers?
The reason there are less offers is that we recently received a feedback from our advertisers regarding low quality traffic coming from your site, following which we removed some of our high risk offers from your offer wall. If we’ll see better traffic coming in the future, we will of course change your apps risk level and add more offers accordingly. We will appreciate your cooperation on this matter and hope it will be worked out soon. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.
Can I define which offer types will show in my offer wall?
Yes. You can define which offer types you want to show your users. This option appears in your portal under applications tab. For more details please read the Integration guide.
How to contact our support team about uncredited offers?
Actions a user need to do to open a support ticket:

  • Click on the "Check offer status" banner, which can be found on the top right corner of the Matomy offer wall.
  • A new page will open, and there you will find a list of the offers you have "Viewed" or "Completed".
  • For each offer you have an option: "Inquire about this offer". Click this option and type in the details required.
  • An automatic email will be sent to you, which you are asked to reply to.
  • Each inquiry should be sent individually by replying to the automatic email sent from Matomy

If a user already opened support tickets and still hasn’t received answers, please send publishers-services his support tickets ID.